This book would not have been possible without the help and hard work of a great many people: Graeme Bydder, Jackie Pennock, Frances Cowan, Dulcie Rodrigues, Serena Counsell, Joanna Allsop, Jane Schweiso, Helen Lewis, Alison Fletcher, Lilly Dubowitz, Eugenio Mercuri, Nadeem Saeed, Joseph Hajnal, David Edwards, Alasdair Hall, Elia Maalouf, Malcolm Battin, Moreneke Ajayi Obe, Nigel Kennea, Christine Foglia, Sabrina Laroche, Phil Duggan, Peter Reynolds, Phil Amess, Michael Harrison, Eleri Adams, Layla Al Nakib, Niran Al Naqeeb, Jane Cox, Nikky Robertson, Angela Oatridge, Nazma Virji, Adnan Manzur,

Francesco Muntoni, Dennis Azzopardi, Neena Modi, Neil Murray, Merran Thomson, Maria Flavia Frisone, Daniella Ricci, Amy Herlihy, David Herlihy, David Larkman, David Gilderdale, Alan Collins, Janet Sargentoni, Don Hanrahan, Jacob Kuint, and Olaf Dietrich.

We are very grateful to Marconi Medical Systems and the Medical Research Council for their continuing support.

Most importantly we would like to thank all the parents and their babies from whom we have learned so much.

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